Gambling: The two faces

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Gambling is not a rich man’s game. It is played by gamers irrespective of their bank’s accounts. The more the digits in the bank account the more is your allowance to place the bets. But wait! If that so there has to be a point to stop right? Or else, the digits would end up to singles very soon. Gambling doesn’t really always depend on luck it also depends on knowledge about that gambling you have your bets on. Gambling could be divided into two types: first chance-based and second skill-based.

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Chance-based Gambling

Luck is the source you gamble with. Here luck can make you or break you. You have no choices to make here. You make the bets and keep your finger crossed with eyes closed. In here, the gambler has no way to change or influence the outcome, because the whole event depends on probabilities. Chance-based gambling gives the gambler much less chance to win while the host much greater hand to be the king. Even if you win a few times because of the gravity of luck you possess but that wouldn’t last long.

Some Casino games like Roulette, bingo, slot machines, dice games fall under this category. While some lottery games such as pull-tabs, lotto max, archery, keno require a lot of luck to be titled as a winner.

Skill-based Gambling

Don’t go with the name, this gambling type also requires luck but you may affect or rather be a winner by your skills and knowledge. Not entirely depending on the luck you could expect the expected output through your skills and judgment to place your bets. These skills come with experience over that sport and you can make a calculative guess considering the past.

Games like Horse racing, cricket betting, football betting, poker etc require both brains as well as luck. Here is a list daftar judi bola.


Depending totally on luck isn’t the most appropriate thing to do. Things left to chances may destroy you to pieces if made high bets. Yet bet with skills isn’t a bad option. Using brains can assist you to be a good bidder and you never know you might have got some talents. Trying just luck is all for fool make use of that incredible brain of yours to make huge cash and life a life you have always wondered for. Don’t just uselessly make the bid. Sometimes the day isn’t yours. Go home and take a tight nap and come back tomorrow. The place is all your to play.

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